Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my bum hurts

oh damn..last monday some people..jef,mellisa,and kyra came from all over malaysia to my college..taylors..haha.jef came from sum college that i keep forgetting whats the name..mellisa came from a high school that has assemblies every single day..n kyra came from sitiawan...haha,,those ppl joined me for lunch at the sarake paradise(asia cafe)..oh roxyvanaa aso joined me 4 lunch..then jef kyra n mellisa abondoned me and went to sunway .cilaka!i had to go to class!damn!damn!damn!damn! then thanks to my good looks i managed to get a cab to sunway piramid..that cilaka raji abonded me cuz he had to do some 'hw'..i met miss kyra n mr cambridge after waiting for 20 minutes in sunway piramid..these 2 ppl doesnt noe wats punctuallity...after that i followed mr cambridge and miss slut walking comes the nice part...after that we went 4 ice skating..haha..n thats y my bum hurts!eventhough i was the most skilled skatter among them..i fell..thanks to miss slut pullimg me here are some of the pics..n by the way..jef wayne a.k.a mr cambridge is the worst ive ever seen in ice skating,,no this is the truth n pure truth..oh ya..pls leave comment..n hannah montana rocks!!!!!.n last not sailesh.arya..kyra..karam..raji..n all mah sitiawan missng u guys lots!!!!!!