Friday, April 3, 2009

The Spirit of SCOUT burning in my heart.

my first leech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and ontop is a snake..evrytime
i come here..i must c a snake..hahah..luckily this is a small

tuan badrul!(backview)

Peserta Kem Pentarafan 2009

my camp(the white one) and on with my friends
from teluk intan and kinta

the "dewan"

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... long time since ive been blogging..was busy with my hot sexy life..for those of you who noe me..u noe that the ladies cant keep theyre hands off me..hehe...well,,,,,,,its been a year since i went for my last scout camp...and im happy to be back...packed my stuffs and headed to bota on that friday morning,,,,picked up mr.aronan(fat ass) on the way...reached Kem Kota Layang-Layang Kiri,around ten..alot of memories where running in mah all of us suffered here exactly a year ago..i sound so emo!!!!!!!!!!hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by the way..when i reached there the 1st person i saw was panjang..busy with his friends..doing some pondok which never lasted a single day.haha..i went and laporkan diri as a pembantu diraja.haha..after that i went and helped panjang..and i saw tuan badrul!!!!!!damn man!!!!!!!!!!!his 1st remark on me was "apasal manjung air dah keruh ke?" i guess he was just jeolous im a blonde!pity him..finding hard to get the ladies i think..hehe..except azizah!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe..well a few other intesting things happen there...firstly i took my bath in a bp station nearby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha!once in a lifetime experience man!
can u blif it??bp??it was not my idea though..its was lembu betina's idea(justin peter)..he has been doing it for many years ady..hehe..and then on the second night justin ..aronan and me entered the car,....and justin showed me something in his phone...if u wana noe wats it..pls do ask me personally..thank you, some of mah friends from pm6 and raji and sailesh and mosquito...u guys noe what im talking about!............i also met a couple of friend from diff schools..old buddies..that recognise me..cuz i lost my phone last year at that camp....and on the third day...when i was about to go back...badrul oh badrul ask me to go and clean the guys toilet cuz we wanted to go back early
damn cilaka man!
i thought that i could have escaped bota without having to do that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luckily it was the cleaner toilet.....damn.on that very morning..i got up and wanted to go pee in the toilet..they banned us from using the "good " toilet so i had to go to the worst toiilet ive ever seen in my life wei!!!!!!!!!!!!its still haunting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn wei!liquid gold was evrywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it scared the shit out of me man!!!!!!!!!!!damn damn damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all in all, i enjoyed bota very much and hope to come back soon......although its tough and all..but i still love it and the spirit of scouting will now and always burn in my heart!

p.s...hopefully arya,jef and kyra are happy i updated my blog...damn tired ady.the writting is so tiring.u guuys owe me mcd.thanks!heheh


  1. 1) why is your camp sesated and out of line. mesti they all boycotting you right?
    2) i know what he show you la. must be some xxx stuff. liddat only you excited ma :P
    3) i got write longer than that tak penat pun. that means you owe me mcd 2 times.

    GOOD LA UPDATE PUN. if not another hannah hate post man. luckily you post. BAHAHAHAHA x)
    and remember, i am awesome! *learn from you*

  2. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    1)my camp was located not in line cuz the others were not as hot as me..the hot guys have to keep a distance from the not hot lah...its cuz i only went there on friday morning...i came late..
    2)somethings in life should not be mentioned..hehehe
    3)were got..actually i wrote very very long.but i edited it and posted this one...hheheheh...i cut here and that means u still owe me mcd!

    if u kutuk hannah!!!!!!!!!!!ill toooot u,u piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love hannah!!!!!!!!its so hard uprating blogs!!!!!!!!!and remember!!!!!!!!i am hot!!!!!n i dont copy!!!heheheh..peace to the world

  3. it's hard uprating blogs but it ain't hard updating blogs. i was looking forward to treat you TGI Fridays but since you mcd, then it's fine with me.

    ps: only not hot dudes say themselves hot. it's the fact of life. please accept it.

  4. Good one Jef!!! This Hannah Montana's slave must be given a lesson to learn man...hahaha...Dei, no offense man!!! hahaha...btw good job for updating ur blog :)

  5. k made a mistake ..its updating!damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its hard updating blogs!!!!!!!i type till damn tired already!haha..excuse me!!!!!i am hot and i dont say im hot!!!!the ladies call me hot...they keep reminding me im hot!!!!not my fault!damn!

  6. oi pendek!!!!!!!!!!!!diam!!!!!!!!!!!!!hannah's slave??????excuse me??? she iis my wife u bloody piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!dont let me remind u that u r a slave for someone tall!u piece of shit!